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Established in 1991, Multi-Temps is locally owned and operated. It is our sincere pledge to provide skilled temporary staffing to address the needs of our client companies. Whether a specific request is due to a special project, maternity leave, illness, peak seasons, vacations or unexpected absences, we are able to provide qualified personnel in direct response to your requirements.A key factor in a successful staffing relationship is knowing what your organization needs. Multi-Temps specializes in supplying industrial and clerical demands to large and small companies. Our Sales Manager will meet with you to confirm your needs. Based upon your industry, we will build your strategy. Our goal is to impact your bottom line, by providing effective employees to satisfy your production demands.Even though we serve several organizations in diverse industries, we know that all have one common goal. Multi-Temp will be committed to satisfy this goal by assisting your production needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.
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